What To Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze & Bust

What To Do If Your Water Pipes Freeze & Bust

What to do after water pipes freeze and bust is the million dollar question for many in San Antonio and all over Texas. The arctic blast sent a chilling freeze that shocked the entire state of Texas. February 2021, the energy power grid was put to test and failed miserably. Millions were left with no power, no heat, and no water. With no power and no heat, many could not keep their homes warm thus causing the interior temperature to drop under freezing. This causes many water pipe lines to freeze and burst.

If you’ve never been through the process of filing a claim with your insurance carrier, reaching out to an expert should be on the top of your list.

Shane Sosa with TX Public Adjusters shares what one should do when pipes freeze and bust.

What Should I do When My Pipes Freeze & Burts?

  1. Shut the water off at main: All properties usually have a meter at the front or somewhere on the property that will shut off the water to the entire house. Next, turn your faucet on and check that the water is off.
  2. Contact a trusted plumber for repairs: Repair your busted water line/s.
  3. Document the damages: Take as many pictures as possible and show where the pipe burst from, where it’s leaking, where the water is running to and damaging. Create a story with your pictures.
  4. Save all your evidence: The burden of proof is always on the person who brings a claim in a dispute. You need to save all your evidence, repaired pipes, removed drywall, and anything related to the damages.
  5. Contact a trusted contractor / Public Adjuster: Once all of the above has been completed, now comes the real work. Contacting and interviewing contractors. Despite what your insurance carrier may say, you have the right to hire whoever you want to make the repairs, don’t fall for their repair program. Interview contractors and select the one that has experience in working with insurance and most importantly, one that has your best interest at heart. Go with your gut feeling.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your insurance carrier, this is when a Public Adjuster comes into play.

What’s A (PA) Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is one that advocates for a policyholder. They work for the public not the insurance company. A Public Adjuster does what a contractor can’t do and that’s talk policy with the insurance carriers. In many cases, they will be able to take a denied or underpaid claim and turn it to a fully funded one. A P.A. will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end and collect all the funds for you.

We hope you learned something today and you found this article useful. We are not plumbers or Public Adjusters. We are however Roofing professionals in San Antonio, TX.

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