Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

25 Most Frequently Asked Roofing Questions In San Antonio

What’s The Cost To Replace My Roof in San Antonio?

The average residential or commercial asphalt roof in San Antonio, Texas will cost between $3.27 – $5.73 per square foot and up. A standing seam metal roof will cost between $7.21 – 11.79 per square foot. The price varies depending on the square footage of the roof, layers of felt, layers of shingles, steepness, access to property etc. Keep in mind that the livable square feet and roof square feet are completely different, on average, the roof has about 37% more sqft. The real price answer is…. It depends… Yup, it depends on all variables listed above, the property’s unique needs, materials and warranties you want.

Visit our San Antonio roof cost calculator here, get an estimated cost to replace your roof in seconds.

Price updated: 3/2022

We offer 3 types of workmanship warranties depending on the roofing system we install. For asphalt products, we have a 5 year, 10 year and Lifetime workmanship warranty. For asphalt material: 10 year and Lifetime material warranty through the manufacturer – prorated and non-prorated. Metal roofing carries a 10 year workmanship warranty. There’s more to these warranties mentioned here, please consult with us as each individual property and roofing system is different.
The roof is one of the largest components to any property, its labor intensive and usually covers a lot of square footage. This is why roofing is a high ticket item. The cost to replace a roof boils down to material cost, labor cost and company overhead. For the most part, all companies get materials at the same price. Labor is the same, we can only get it down so much. (Company overhead is related to the cost of keeping the lights on, for example: cost of office space, key employees, vehicles, insurance, phones, software, project management etc., and the bigger the company, the larger the overhead.) And finally profit, this is where the money comes from to pay our staff, keep working liquid capital, invest in building the company for sustainable growth and most importantly, stay in business to keep servicing its customers and take care of warranties if and when it’s needed. Visit our San Antonio Roof Cost Calculator and get an estimated cost to replace your roof in seconds.
The only real way to lower the cost of any roofing project is to cut corners. This typically means not pulling permits, not removing felt, overlaying felt, using inferior products & shoddy installation. The cost also varies on who you call: storefront business, home based business or Chuck-In-A-Truck. No matter the cost, make sure to get a warranty from a San Antonio roofing contractor that will be around for years to come, it would really be an unfortunate event if you spent thousands on a new roof and find out 2 years later the roofer is long gone. Hire and support your local San Antonio roofing contractors.
Rox Roofing & Exterior does offer a payment plans by financing through a 3rd party company. The decision, once the application is sent off for approval, usually takes about 10 minutes to return. We have many different options from 3-12 months with 0% interest to 96 months with 6.99% interest. On average for a 6.99% interest on a $10,000 roof, the monthly payments would be about $198 a month. And No Payment 0% for 12, 18 & 24 months. All projects are different and have unique variables. For an accurate monthly payment plan, please call or schedule an onsite consultation. What Payment Methods Do You Accept? We accept all major credit cards with a 2.75% fee. We also accept checks with no fees. All payments are to be given to the office personnel and a receipt of payment from the office should be given. Never give a payment without receiving a receipt.
Rox Roofing & Exteriors is a local San Antonio roofing company. The owner Roque (Rock) Ortiz, started roofing as a subcontractor for other roofing companies here in town. 2015 he LLC’ed his company. All our team members, suppliers and labor force live and shop here in the Alamo City, Military City USA, GO Spurs GO City! We all live in San Antonio and support our local economy. Rock used to office out of his house just like any other small roofing business. As of today, we are located at a store front, located by the San Antonio Airport off 410 and Broadway. 1999 Gulfmart St. #517, San Antonio, Texas 78217. You can’t miss our window decal, it’s huge! To answer the question, yes, we are local to San Antonio.
Waiving insurance deductibles is illegal and we don’t partake in those activities. We offer financing for deductibles and set up a payment plan if the property owner needs financial assistance. Besides, removing, lets say, $2k – $4k from a roofing job would mean cutting corners, and that would mean getting a subpar install, materials, and or warranty. We touched a bit on this on #2 & #3 above – “Why does roofing cost so much?” A new law was written and passed in September 2019. H.B. No. 2102- clearly states that any rebating, waiving, absorbing or otherwise not charging is punishable by law… that being said, we like the color orange, but we don’t want to go to jail for insurance fraud.
Rox Roofing & Exteriors was established in 2015 here in San Antonio, Texas. The owner has been in the construction industry since 2011 and plans to be in business for decades to come! Here are some shocking true stats for you. It’s been shown that more than 30% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years, 50% during the first 5 years, and 66% during the first 10 years. Much failure is due to not making the proper market analysis, the economy tanking, and owners making bad business decisions. That being said, we think we’re doing pretty good and hope to be in business for decades to come.
Well, we hope that doesn’t happen!, but if we do, this is why, on asphalt shingles and some commercial roofing we offer the Extended Manufacturer Preferred Warranty System. Yes, it does cost a bit more, but for this particular warranty, the manufacture covers our workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of installation/registration. What does this mean? Well, if we happen to go out of business within 10 years of the installation, and there’s a claim on the roof for a warranty issue, the manufacturer covers our workmanship… for 10 years or agreed upon at the time. To learn more, let’s have a consultation about this as there are some specifications to cover.
Depending on the material installed, asphalt 3-tab shingles will last 20-25 years. Asphalt Laminate shingles will last 30-50 years, class 4 shingles will last 30-50 years plus-weather hail storms up to 2”, Metal roofs will last 50-100 years. Tile roofs will last 50-100 years, some tiles and metal roofs have lasted over a century in Europe. The longevity of a roof comes down to waterproofing, ventilating and installing quality roofing materials. Tile and metal roofs outlive asphalt, but asphalt roofing products are way more affordable. The answer is… it depends on what roofing system is installed.
All roofing systems follow the manufacturer’s specification installation and industry standard installation in our area. From time to time we modify the installation process due to weird architecture structure. To obtain the manufacturer’s warranty, one has to install per their specification.

Sorry to burst your bubble, to date 2020- in Texas, there’s no such thing as a Roofing License, sorry… GOOD NEWS THOUGH! We are registered and licensed through the City Of San Antonio. Rox Roofing & Exteriors is actually a PLUS contractor with the City Of San Antonio. This means we have gone through their screening process beyond the average contractor.

Are we insured? Yes, yes we are. We actually carry the proper insurance coverage for our industry, roofing. Being properly insured is super important for you the consumer and us the contractor. If anything were to happen while on the job, have peace of mind that we’re covered.

Yes we do. Depending on your roofing project we can provide referrals for repairs, replacement, residential, commercial, multifamily and property management companies.
It usually takes 1-2 days to replace a simple standard roof on a residential property. Some take 3-5 days, it depends on the steepness and variables of the roof. Larger properties like commercial or multifamily can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks, it all depends on the scope of work, weather, and other variables.
We like to keep all our roofing work freshly updated on our social media platforms. That’s where we have most if not all our roofing projects posted. If there’s something specific a customer wants to see, we can do an onsite visit.
The quality roofing products (not services) we offer are of name brand. We install Owens Corning, Certainteed, GAF, Flintastic, Conklin and many others. With brands like these, the customer usually has a better lasting product with a good manufacturing warranty.
Both Asphalt and Metal roofs have their pros and cons. We can go on forever on this one. In a nutshell, metal roofs last longer than asphalt. Asphalt roofs also cost less than metal. Cost wise, asphalt is the winner. Longevity wise, metal is the winner. The better question to ask yourself is: Do you plan on living there for a long time? Is it a rental, short term flip, is it a 5 years strategy? The answer really depends on what the property means to you and how long you’ll be there.
For the most part all, roofing systems have the same concept in replacing. Starts with – The preparation / protecting landscaping and windows, removing the existing roofing system, making repairs as needed to the substrate- roof deck, installing underlayment and or insulation boards, installing the primary roofing system, installing accessory; pipes etc., sealing walls and roof penetrations, and making a final walk through and clean up. Depending on the roofing system residential or commercial, the scope of work will differ depending on the building structure.
All roofs need some sort of maintenance. After a roof has been newly installed, a yearly inspection should be done just to make sure everything is up to par. Every now and then birds will chip away at ridge caps, branches rub up on shingles, and at times, unwanted creatures make an entrance through the roof that allows water to enter the property. Maintenance should be conducted as needed, but an inspection should be conducted yearly and after a large high wind storm.
Since we remove everything off the roof, including the felt underlayment, yes- all roof decking plywood is visually inspected for rotted wood and replaced as needed. Yes, there’s usually a cost associated with rotted wood replacement.
Well, we don’t claim to be the “best” or “better” than any other San Antonio roofing contractor. Our customers choose to go with us because of the work we do, reputation, and because they trust us. Customers that call us have done their research and call with the intent to hire us as their preferred roofing contractor in San Antonio.
Usually black streaks on an asphalt roof signifies some sort black algae. Many asphalt roofing shingles have built-in anti-algae products that help prevent or minimize the black steaks for about 10 years. These black streaks on roofs are more common in shade or areas of the roof that get little sunlight. One can get rid of them by doing a soft roof wash with a solution that kills off the algae.
3-tab (25 yr.) shingles weigh about 60 lbs. per bundle and cover about 0.33 square feet per bundle. Laminate Architectural shingles weigh about 70 lbs. per bundle and cover about 0.33 square feet per bundle.
In a perfect world, 25 years for a 3 tab, 40-50 years for laminate, and 100+ years for metal and tile roofs. If you live in San Antonio, historically speaking, we receive a severe hail storm every 5-10 years. If the roof was compromised by wind or hail, it would have to be replaced at the time of event. Some homeowners wait to replace and others are proactive and file a claim with their property insurance carrier.

If you’re looking for a reputable roofing contractor in San Antonio, we recommend doing an online search and look at Google reviews, BBB and social media. Going through these platforms will give you an idea of who you’re dealing with and if you want to call them out. No one is perfect, we’re all human, you’re going to find some bad reviews, but it’s how the company responds that’s key. Questions we would ask are all listed above.

If you’re in the San Antonio or surrounding areas from Somerset, Helotes, Universal, Timberwood Park- to- Blanco Texas, and want an accurate price to replace your roof, call to schedule your free roofing estimate.