How Do I Know When To Replace My Skylight?
Knowing when to replace your skylight is super important. In this quick video, Ill go over how to tell if you need to replace your skylight. Most skylights are made from an acrylic and poly-carbonate materials. These... Click for more
Customer Testimonial - Fernando Flores - R...
Makes us feel all fussy inside. Here we have a customer recording a video testimonial of their experience with Rox Roofing in the Tobin Hill Community.
How long will it take to replace my roof? ...
How long will it take to replace my roof? Watch the video above to learn more.   
5 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Roofer In ...
1. Are All Roofing Companies Made The Same? All companies stem from the owners values and ethics. When interviewing potential roofing contractors in San Antonio, make sure to take a second look at their online pres... Click for more
One Way to Check if I Have Hail Damage On ...
Checking for hail damage on your roof is easy, if you know what you’re looking for. Here we’ll go over one way a do it yourself (DIY) home owner can inspect their roof for storm, hail and or wind damage... Click for more
San Antonio roofing repair from Hurricane ...
As Texan’s rebuild and pick up the pieces that Hurricane Harvey left behind there is much work to do. Making sure your home is safe is definitely a priority, but as you clean up all the flood damage, debris ... Click for more
Hurrican Harvey Emergency Roofing Assistance
We will be out once hurricane lets up to services our customers and anyone else that may need emergency ROOFING assistance. To any new inquiring customers, we are local to San Antonio and differ from the rest with SE... Click for more
Meet Your San Antonio Roofer
Meet Your San Antonio Roofer Living in San Antonio you know just how up and down the weather can be. Some people love it and most people hate it. Besides the fact that you might not know what to put on from moment to... Click for more
Recent Roofing Job in San Antonio
This was a great project from start to finish. The customer was extremely happy with the quick turnaround. 
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