Metal Roof Pipe Boot – Here’s How To Install One

Metal Roof Pipe Boot Installation

Here we have a metal roof pipe boot that was leaking. If you’re contemplating doing it yourself, please be cautious and super safe. Metal roofs are steep at times, can be slippery and super hot in the summers. Here we’ll go over how to locate a leak at a pipe, water test and how to replace or install a Dektite rubber boot. Be safe out there.

Locating a water leak for a metal roof pipe.

This process is fairly simple. If your looking to repairs a leaky pipe jack boot, more than likely you’ve already located because it’s been leaking… If your being proactive and searching for a leak in the roof, the best way is to hop in the attic and see if you can find wet insulation, stained plywood roof decking or light showing through the roof. This may be an indication that you have a leaky roof or one is soon to spring up.

Water testing to locate a leak on a metal roof pipe jack.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to run a water test on your metal roof pipe jack.

  1. Safety gear: make sure to be as safe as possible. Make sure to have harnesses or similar incase of a fall. If you don’t feel safe, hire a roofing professional.
  2. Two people: one on the roof one in the attic. Make sure to call each other and communicate.
  3. Water hose: we like using the flex hose for easy storage.
  4. Flashlight: you’ll need this for the person in the attic.
  5. A Ladder: how else are you gonna climb the roof.

Have one person on the roof and the other in the attic or leak location area. Always start at your lowest point when water testing. Run water for 5 minutes till attic person calls out the leak. Turn off the water and begin your plan of action. If you can’t locate the leak call your San Antonio roofing specialist, Rox Roofing.

Replacing the rubber metal roof boot pipe jack.

Replacing or installing a metal roof pipe jack can be easy, IF you know what you’re doing. He’re a list and instructions of what you’ll need to make repairs and or install a boot. Please be careful as being on roof is dangerous and only professionals should be climbing roofs.

8 Items you’ll need when making repairs or installing boot.

  1. Dektite rubber boot.
  2. High temperature sealant.
  3. Self Tapping 1 1/2″ metal screws with neoprene washers.
  4. Drill with matching bit for screws (Hex or philips head)
  5. Flat blade box cutters knife or blade.
  6. Terry cloth or small towel.
  7. Matching color spray can.
  8. And safety gear.

9 Steps to making a metal roof pipe boot repair.

Make sure to watch the video

  1. Cut out or remove existing pipe boot.
  2. Clean surface area.
  3. Cut out top of Dektite to match pipe penetration. Measure twice, cut once. Test new pipe jack fits.
  4. Install sealant on bottom.
  5. Set in place on pipe.
  6. Install neoprene washer screws all around.
  7. Seal new boot in an “n” shape.
  8. Seal neck from boot to pipe.
  9. Paint pipe and new pipe boot to patch roof.

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