What’s A Roof Rain Diverter?

A Roof Rain Diverter, What Is It?

Roof rain diverter is installed to protect water from falling over a specific area. Many roofing manufacturers recommend one to be installed. One can usually pick one up at your local hardware or lumber store. These recommendation are specifically meant for San Antonio, TX and can be used in other regions.

Where is a rain diverter installed?

Roof eaves is usually where diverters are installed. They go under your asphalt shingles taking a nail fastener at the ends and one or two centered. They typically go over A/C units, back-doors, front-doors, and walkways. The reason for them is to limit the amount of water cascading over the roof line while one is walking over an entryway. Over A/C units, they are installed for the same purpose, to limit the amount water falling in the units and limit debri from the roof falling in.

Selling or buying a house?

One usually gets a home inspection report when buying or selling a home. In the report, this item should be noted if no rain diverter is present. If your buying or selling, make sure it’s installed to avoid any issues or delays during the process.

Where can you find a rain diverter?

You can pick one up at your local hardware store like Home Depot, Lowes, or Mccoys if you live in San Antonio. ABC supply & Southern Shingles are specific roofing supply stores and are guaranteed to find one there.

What’s the cost to install a roof rain diverter?

A small roofing project like installing a diverter will be a minimum cost of $199. We would also include a roof tune up where we seal all exposed nail heads on shingles, pipe, vents etc. Cost will also depend on access to area, how steep the roof is and how many diveters need to be installed.

Looking for a roofer to install a diverter?

Rox Roofing & Exteriors is a San Antonio Roofing Contractor specializing in roof repairs and replacements. If you’re looking for a roofer to install a diverter, we are your roofer to do so.

For an onsite estimate, fill out the form here or contact us at 210-900-0977.

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