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Do you have blown roof shingles that need repair?

In this roof video we go over the most common reasons why asphalt roof shingles get blown off and how/where to properly nail the shingles.

Top Reason Why Shingles Blow Off?

  • One of the top reasons why asphalt shingles get blown off is due to improper installation… improper nail pattern.

All shingle manufactures have a standard guideline on where to nail. See image below, all 3 tab shingles require a minimum of 4 nails, should be installed below the asphalt line and above the keyhole.

If shingles are not installed properly, everytime the wind blows, you can bet you’ll need to make a shingle roof repair.

For the most part, all name brand shingles should hold a 50 mph wind gust with proper nail installation. In the video shown above, one can see the nails were installed high and were overdriven. Overdriven meaning the nail gun compressor was up too high causing the roof nail to be overdriven through the asphalt shingle.

San Antonio Shingle Roof Repair Company

  • Another reason why roof shingles blow off is due to not having a quality starter strip installed at the perimeter.

A roofing starter strip should have an asphalt bead to adhere the primary field shingle. The starter strip helps prevents wind from getting under the shingles and blowing it off. Equally important to a starter strip is the installation, the nail pattern.

A starter strips almost hold no purpose if it’s not installed and nailed properly. All components of the roof should be nailed property and to specification. Not installing correctly will result in seeing roof repairs in the near future.

If your experiencing shingles being blow off everytime the wind blows, you might want to consider replacing the entire roof with a quality shingle and quality roof installation.

Some if not many roof repairs range from $400 -$800, in some cases they can reach thousands depending on what needs to be done.

If a roof is nickeling and diming you, consider a full roof replacement.

If you’re in San Antonio and looking for a roof repair, call us today: 210-900-0977 for an estimate or fill out the form below.

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