03/21/24: Hail Ravages Leon Valley Roofs

Were you impacted by the recent hail storm in Leon Valley? Founded in 2015, Rox Roofing has many years of experience with the local Leon Valley climate and is well-equipped to help you through the storm damage repair process. We know that dealing with hail damage to your home can be overwhelming, but we want to help. From emergency roof repairs to hail and harsh wind damage repairs, our roofing team is passionate about restoring your home to its original beauty.

Here’s What Happened 

Thursday night, Leon Valley was hit with a large hail storm and severe thunderstorm.

What: Hail 2 in. in diameter and heavy thunderstorms

When: March 21, 2024

Where: Leon Valley, TX

2 inches hail
Image via ksat.com

Why Homeowners Should Be Concerned 

Depending on its size, hail can cause irreparable damage to your home, roofing, vehicle, and property. Hail over 1” in diameter can cause damage such as dented roofing and punctured roofing, leaks, water infiltration, granule loss, broken gutters, ripped screen doors, cracked siding, shattered windows, and even damage to the structure of your home. 

Rox Roofing is on Standby to Assist Homeowners with Storm Recovery

At Rox Roofing, we provide residents in Leon Valley with comprehensive storm damage repair services that will restore your home and boost its strength against the weather. We are proud to offer prompt inspections and emergency roof repairs to catch the damage before it gets worse. 

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Schedule a Free Inspection with Rox Roofing 

If your home sustained storm damage from the hail storm on Thursday night, Rox Roofing is here to help. You can’t always prevent storm damage from wreaking havoc on your roof, but hiring a local and professional roofing company for your storm damage repairs will help ensure that you are provided with timely, efficient, and reliable roofing solutions. 

Our expert team is ready to help you restore your roof and give you peace of mind that your home is protected against future storms. Reach out to us today to receive a free inspection!

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