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Looking for a metal roofing contractor in San Antonio, Texas?

Rox Roofing & Exteriors out of San Antonio services metal roofs from repairs, new installs to replacements. We have the skilled tradesmen to handle small and large scale jobs.

New Construction Metal Roofing

This particular job in Fredericksburg, Texas (Stonewall) is a new construction metal roof project. When handling new construction jobs, there’s a few variables one has to look out for, especially if you plan on building yourself.

There needs to be coordination between roofing and other trades, like: painters, siding, stucco, window, solar or other trades that may interfere with the metal install and vice versa.

  • If installing solar panels, make sure you get the proper anchors for panel seams and electrical panels.
  • Have painters – paint first so they dont get paint on your new metal roof.
  • Install metal roof Z-wall flashing before stucco or siding goes on, this will insure proper waterproofing.
  • Ensure a clean wood deck for roofers to minimize debris being left under the metal roof.

Proper Metal Roof Underlayment

All metal roofs should call for an approved high temperature underlayment. This could be in synthetic or self-adhesive form.

  • On this project, we used the Carlisle WIP 300HT self adhesive underlayment. This underlayment is primarily used on commercial applications and one of the best underlayments one can use under metal roofs.
  • Standard shingle underlayments wont make the cut for metal roofs. Ever notice how the sun eats up blue tarps or plastics left out for weeks? The same concept happens to non-high-temperature underlayments, the heat deteriorates them at a faster rate under metal roofs. Every metal brand manufacturer has approved metal underlayments to be used. Make sure your contractor is using approved underlayments.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Gage

Most standing seam metal roofs provide a 24 gage thickness, which is standard. 24 gage steel gives one more durability and metal integrity. Most insurance carriers allow for some sort of roof premium reduction if installed. Visit TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) for more info.

San Antonio Metal Roofing

If you’re looking for a metal roof contractor, we service San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. We service metal roof repairs, new installs and replacements.

  • Wondering what a roof may cost?
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