One Reason Why New Construction Roof Shingles Blow Off In San Antonio

Why New Construction Roof Shingles Blow Off

One of the main reasons why roof shingles blow off on new construction roofs is because the roofing installers leave the bundle wrapper film on the adhesive strip.

Another reason is because the compressor is on high and the nails blow through and nailed high. This reduces the wind rating it was designed to manage.

What’s the wind rating on 3 tab 25 year shingles?

  • Most 3 tab shingles have a 60 mph wind rating. After 10 years, the wind rating decreases due climate, storms and normal ware and tear.

What’s the cost to repair my roof in San Antonio?

  • A typical standard roof repair will cost between $300-$800 or
    more. It depends on the type of roof: asphalt, metal, tile or low slope flat roof. For an accurate price, we have to get our eyes on the job at hand.

What’s the cost to replace my roof in San Antonio?

  • The average San Antonio roof replacement is costing about $10,000. It really depends on the type of roof, steepness, landscaping / pool protection, roof access, and safety arrangements. Visit out San Antonio roof cost calculator for more information. For an accurate price, schedule an onsite roofing quote.

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