A Combo TPO + Shingle Roofing System

Combo TPO + Shingle Roofing System On Residential Home

Here we have a metal roof with modified bitumen roof removal & replaced with a TPO commercial roof with an architectural shingles.

Just off 410 & Vans Jackson, this roof had a hard leak located between the metal roof and the flat roof.

After some thought and design, we decided that a combo TPO flat roof and shingles would be the best solution for this roofing system. The transformation came out super gorgeous.

This homeowner can now sleep good and rock out knowing that the roof is waterproof. 🎸

What’s a Modified Bitumen?

It’s made of asphalt coupled with polymerized rubbers, reinforced with fiberglass to create a flexible waterproof membrane. Modified Bit is usually and almost always installed on flat low slope areas like the one here in this video. This product two layers, a base sheet installed to the sheathing and a top sheet, which has the granules.

There’s different ways to install from nailing, open flame and machine heat air welding.

What’s TPO?

TPO stands for: Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Compared to Modified above, TPO is a 1 layer system (single ply), usually installed over insulation board and heal air welded. This system is usually used on commercial application on larger buildings like Target and Walmart and can also be installed on residential roofs.

Before & After Photo of The Job

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