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SolaDeck Combiner Box Metal Roof Install Instructions

If you’re looking to install the SolaDeck Combiner Electrical Box on a Standing Seam Metal Roof, this installation video is for you. In the video, you’ll see the split panel install method we use, cut/ trim panel, and the final install seal.

First Panel

For the first metal panel install you must figure out where the box will be installed and mark it between the rafters. Make sure the metal panel is centered to rafters as well, well… try to. You might need to move the placement of the box till you find a location that’s centered and the Soladeck Box holes are not above a rafter.

The first panel should be measured from the lower point eave or valley up-to the desired box location 12 – 18 inches above the box. Line the panel up, make sure the electrical box location is between the rafters and clamp the panels together.

Un-seam the standing seam channels, see video for this one, and trim the excess so only the rise part of the seam stays. This piece later will be sandwiched in between the panels. if you don’t trim the seam channel, you’re gonna regret it.

Before installing the box, make sure to install NP1 caulking on the panel the size of the box and install caulking on the bottom side of the Soladeck Box as well. Place the box as marked and fasten with the screws that it came with it.

Second Panel

Measurements for the second panel should be taken approximately 8-12 inches from bottom of the SolaDeck box and up to your upper end slope. When installing the second panel, use the top of the box to measure and trace the opening to cut. Measure twice, cut once…

After making the opening, check the panel will fit and make adjustments as needed. After all is good and set, add a bead of caulking around the perimeter of the box opening on the bottom of the second metal panel. Clamp your panels, install your cleats and continue installing the rest of the panels.

Once you’re all done, seam them all, and it’ll pull the panels together. At this point, you can add another generous bead of caulking, make sure to tool-it with your finger.

This concludes the text instructions. You should really watch the video and see how it was installed. Reading will help some, but watching will help even more. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

SolaDeck Combiner Box Metal Roof Install

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