Harmony Hills 2016 | Roofing, Seamless Gutters, & Exterior Paint Project

Here we have a roofing, seamless gutter and exterior paint project we completed May of 2016.

A hail storm rolled thorough San Antonio April 2016. It damaged roofs, siding gutters windows and personal property like BBQs and play-sets.

Here’s our 3 steps process we recommend when making roof, gutters and painting home improvements.

  1. Paint first. Scrape the walls make siding and carpentry repairs as needed. Don’t worry about getting paint on the roof, the roof will be replaced.
  2. Replace the roof. After painting and getting the roof all smudged up, now you can re-replace the roof and not have to worry about getting paint on the roof. It’ll look nice and clean, I promiss.
  3. Install gutters. Now that the home is painted, roof is on… now you can install new clean looking seamless gutters. Gutters will go tucked in behind the roof-line metal edge. Again, no paint smudged or roofing dings or accidents.

This has been the best process we’ve found when replacing roofing, gutters and painting. We’ve done many this way and they look super clean.

Hope you learned something today.

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