What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like?

Roof hail damage usually looks like round dark or gray circular shaped discolored areas, it depends on shingle color and age of the damage. In this post / video, you’ll see what old hail damage looks like in San Antonio, Texas.

The hail damage in this video is from the April, 2016 hail storm. This storm was estimated to be one of the costliest hail storms in Texas history, coming in at nearly $1.9 Billion, probably more after the years went on. This storm attracted contractors from all over the country. Unfortunately, many homeowners were taken by “roofing contractors” that were not from San Antonio.
This video / pictures were taken April, 2020 during the Coronavirus, Covid 19. This damage is 4 years old to be exact. It’s a good and true representation of large hail damage and aged-damage.

How Does Hail Damage Asphalt Roofs?

Hailstones come in many shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, hail knocks the granules off the shingles and exposes the asphalt shingle matting to the sun. After a few years, the sun eats away at the matting and deteriorates the exposed areas. This can and will cause rain water intrusion and cost hundreds or thousands in damages. See our 25 most frequently asked roofing questions here.
If the hail stones are large, they can, in many cases, fractures the shingle and wood roof decking, or any other roofing system material: tile, metal, wood-shakes, clay, TPO etc… This in many cases accelerates the water intrusion process and is why it’s important to have a local qualified San Antonio Roofing Contractor inspect the roof for hail damage.

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