Commercial A/C Roof Repairs in Converse, Texas

Commercial Roof Repairs San Antonio, TX

Commercial Roof Leak Detection

Commercial Roof repairs: This property was having issues around the A/C unit and the heater stack penetration at the rooftop. The property called for a roof evaluation and roof leak detection.

After our roof leak investigation from the inside attic space and the exterior roof top, we found the penetrations on the roof top not being sealed correctly.

Exhaust Pipe – Modified Roof Repair

On the heat exhaust pipe, we cleaned off the modified bitumen area with a soft bristle push broom, this gets all the loose dirt and granules off the surface. We also sealed the metal stack with high temperature metal sealer.

Next we primed the existing surface with a roofing fast drying asphalt primer. This helps the cap-sheet to adhere better to the existing cap-sheet.

After all was cleaned, primed, prepared, we installed the modified bitumen cap-sheet with an open flame torch. This is what’s called a torch-on application. It’s one of the best ways to make modified bitumen roof repair.

A/C Unit Perimeter Modified Bitumen Roof Repair

The A/C units were found to have its curb not sealed and the modified not rolled over properly.

On these two units we cleaned off debris and primed the surface. We then made some modifications and installed 2′-3′ strip of modified around the perimeter of the units. We then installed a face-mount 4″-5″ flashing tucked under the metal A/C metal base. This flashing is a secondary protection barrier.

In many cases, modified bitumen roofs can be simple to repair if caught early on. In other cases, the roof may be too far-gone beyond repair-ability and may need a full roof replacement or a fluid applied restoration. Learn more about fluid applied roof restorations here.

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