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Lets face it, you’re here because you’re looking for a Leon Valley Roofing Contractor and a good one is kinda hard to come by these days. With hail storms rocking San Antonio, door knockers and fly-by-knights, finding a trustworthy roofer is worth the search.

Rox Roofing specializes in roof repairs and replacements. And we also offer full gutters, exterior paint and wood fencing. Roofing is our bread and butter, we’re really good at it and here’s why. Roof repairs was our primary service when we started. We’ve done hundreds. From Floresville, TX, Leon Valley to Blanco, TX, we take care of roof repairs. From small to large repairs, we have you covered.

Why is that important? If you had your roof replaced and it leaked, wouldn’t you want it repaired by the same company? Let’s hope they specialize in roof repairs.

Hiring Rox Roofing will ensure that if anything happens in the future, we’ll take care it. That’s what we do. We’re local to San Antonio and we’re here for the long haul.

Leon Valley, TX – San Antonio

The City of Leon Valley is located off Bandera Road and 410, outside the loop. It’s home to about 12,000 people. It’s an independent city surrounded by San Antonians. If you decide to visit, remember not to run yellow lights, their camera system will get you and mail you a traffic citation. If you’re in the area, check out the San Antonio Aquarium, it’s a fun activity for the entire family. For some physical activities check out O. P. Schnabel Park. Hungry? Hit up Henry’s Puffy Tacos.

Leon Valley Roof Hail Damage

San Antonio and surrounding areas get hit by hail about once a year. It’s normally isolated into a 2-5 mile radius. From time to time we get hit with a large severe storm that rocks the entire city.

Here’s what to do if you think your roof has been damaged by hail and what to expect.

  • Contact a roofer – that you know, like and trust, NOT your insurance company. This roofer should put together an analysis report with pictures to show proof of the damages. Don’t shop roofers around. Find one you like and stick to them. A well trusted roofer will probably have a service agreement stating if the roof gets approved to replace by insurance, they are guaranteed to do the work. This is normal and they deserve it.
  • Call your insurance carrier and file a claim. Your roofer should be knowledgeable on how to file a claim and walk you through the process. Have a pen handy as they will ask a few question. This process takes about 20 minutes.
  • Schedule your roofer to be onsite with your insurance adjuster. The roofer is on site to represent the hail damage on the roof and collateral damage. The roofer and adjuster should work together to come up with a scope of work to make necessary repairs to bring everything back to normal before the storm hit.
  • Roofing estimate. Your insurance company will come up with what they think the repair work will cost. These estimates are typically lower by 20% – 30% or more. Your roofing contractor knows exactly what it’s going to take to get the job done. The roofer and the adjuster normally meet somewhere in the middle.
  • Retail vs. insurance cost. Retail is considered a “cash price” or “paying out of pocket.” This retail price is lower than insurance because, it’s a faster process. We roof and we get paid. There’s no insurance runaround. Dealing with insurance is usually a 1-3 month run around depending on the carrier. Money is held up and take weeks if not months to get paid. The biggest issue with insurance is mortgage companies and agreeing on scope of work. Remember, insurance companies are for profit, the less they pay out, the better the bottom line looks…
  • Start work. Roofer will schedule material delivery and work to begin, these are usually two different days. Make sure to get everything in writing as to the scope of work. Make sure to know the difference between 3-tab shingles vs. architectural shingles and a hail proof shingle. This is your opportunity to make changes, get an upgrade and make an informed decision.
  • Payment. For retail cash jobs it pretty simple. Once work it complete, do your walk around, approve work and pay the roofer. For insurance, do your walk around, approve work and your roofer will send a certificate of completion to the carrier with an invoice. The carrier will review and send off payment within 1-3 weeks. When you receive your insurance proceeds, pay your awesome roofer!

This essentially wraps up the insurance process.

Scheduling A Roofing Estimate in Leon Valley Is Easier Than You Think.

You can schedule by doing one of the following.

  • Fill out the form. We’ll contact you within 24 hrs.
  • Call us directly at 210-900-0977

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