Rox Roofing New Brand Announcement

Rox Roofing is excited to announce our new brand image! We’re the same company, same people, same name, just a rockin’ new look!

A few words from the owner:

Why the change? I wanted to create a brand that is memorable and conveys an image of the service we deliver. After years of servicing San Antonio, it was time to create a new brand image that represents what our team is about, delivering Superstar Service™.

When I took a look at other roofing companies, I saw the same thing in all of them, including ours, a similar roof line logo, with similar colors and I wanted to be different.

I didn’t want Rox Roofing blending with the sea of cows. I wanted to stand out. I wanted to be a purple cow in the herd, to catch attention and make people stop and stare. Something people would remember.

After months of research and a few agencies, I finally pulled the trigger with a team that specializes in branding, not just logo creation or design.

Before I move any further, I have a confession…

When Jesse at KickCharge presented me with our current design, I truly didn’t like it. I was kinda disappointed.

Why? Because I was stuck in my way of thinking of what a roofing company brand should look like.

I printed out our options, laminated them, taped them to the office wall and a copy on my kitchen fridge.

After 2 days of staring at the options, Dude (the mascot) started growing on me, I started to “get it”.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, and now, I love it! 🥰

The KickCharge team nailed it.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be transitioning our new look with vehicle wraps, cards, uniforms and some rockin’ swag.

So stay tuned. This announcement is only the beginning.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your business, continued support and hope to see you in the Rox Roofing journey to a new super chapter.


-Rocky Ortiz

Let’s Rock n’ Roll! 🎸

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