What’s Pay At Closing?

Is Pay At Closing Right For Your Roofing Project In San Antonio?

Pay at closing is a great option for property sellers in San Antonio. This will allow you to make roof repairs and replacements without coming out of pocket.

How Does Pay At Closing Work?

  • Here’s how it works, we roof the property, we wait, you close, then we get paid. It’s that simple.

Where Does The Money Come From?

  • The funds come from the sale of the property whether it has equity or not.

Lets say your property sold for $200,000. The roof replacement was $9,000. The title company would subtract $9k from the $200k. The title company would cut a check to Rox Roofing for $9k.

Pay at closing is for people who don’t have funds for large roofing projects and or have their money tied up. Between moving cost, down payments on another property or unexpected property improvements, money can get tight-real fast. Pay at closing is right for anyone selling their property in San Antonio.

Who’s Netco Title Company?

Netco Title Co. started operations in 1987. They focus around quality service for their clients. Service is one of their main priorities. They can close at all hours, even from ones home. Our experience with Netco was smooth. After closing, they notified us that our check was ready, we zipped right over and picked it up. Smooth transaction. Netco is currently located on the Northside of San Antonio at: 930 Proton Rd Ste 200. Feel free to give them a call for all your real estate closing needs.

For all your real estate needs in San Antonio, feel free to contact Sylvia Mello Strong at 210-296-1820.

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If you’re in San Antonio and need a roof repair or replacement, fill out the form or give us a call at 210-900-0977.

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