Nickel and Diming Roof

Is Your Roof Nickel and Diming You?

This roof was nickel and diming this homeowner in San Antonio and they had had enough.

Here’s the full story on this roof.

Mid May 2020 they called because part of the garage roof had blown off from the wind sneezing.

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The first roof repair we did cost around $1,300. Few months later there was a $600 repair and the third cost about $300. All and all, they spent about $2,000 on roof repairs in a 12 month spread.

The third repair was the one that broke the camel’s back. This is when we offered a long term solution for the roof.

The solution was a roof replacement with a hail proof shingle and financing options.

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It’s now June 2022 and the homeowner finally pulled the trigger to replace the roof. That’s what the video here is about.

They went with the one of the best architectural shingles on the market.

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After replacing the roof, the homeowner can now sleep great at night not worrying about the roof. In addition to having a roofing system that will last over 25 years, because they installed an impact rated shingle, they now qualify for a premium reduction from their homeowners insurance company.

Ask us how you too can save money on your insurance premiums.

What Do Roof Repairs Cost in San Antonio?

A simple asphalt roof repair will cost anywhere from $300 – $600, this is depending on what needs to be done.

This price range does not include rotted roof decking, steep roofs or any other unforeseen issues. If the repair is on a metal roof, it will probably cost more.

Concrete or clay tile roofs usually run hand in hand with metal roofs. This is because metal and tile roofs are more of a specialty and a skilled tradesman is needed for these roofing systems.

The real answer here is, it depends on what is needed and what roofing system we’re working on.

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