From humble beginnings in 1963, McElroy Metal has grown into a national company with 13 manufacturing facilities, 24 Service Center and 44 Metal Mart locations across the United States. McElroy Metal is a third-generation family owned business with a strong culture of values that extends to customers, employees and vendors.

We believe that business morals and ethics still have a place in the work environment. We continue to conduct business under the golden rule adage: Customers deserve to be treated in the same way we like to be treated by our suppliers. Some may say that makes us old fashioned… We think they are right!



McElroy Metal Executive Team

McElroy Metal’s executive team is a testament to loyalty and experience. The team has over 170 combined years of experience with McElroy Metal.

Tem McElroy – Chairman
Ian McElroy – President
Amanda Haskins – Chief Financial Officer
Keith Gunter – Vice President of Purchasing
Mark Lawson – Vice President of Sales
Ken Gieseke – Vice President of Marketing
Mark Brotherton – Vice President of Operations
Howell Hicks – Chief Information Officer

McElroy Metal Timeline

1963: McElroy Metal Mill founded by Thomas E. McElroy Sr.
1975: Tem McElroy becomes president
1976: First Satellite manufacturing facility opened in Clinton, IL
1979: Opened Manufacturing facility in Peachtree City, GA
1983: Acquired Angle Steel and built new manufacturing location in Marshall, MI
1985: Opened new manufacturing facility in Winchester, VA
1990: Opened new manufacturing facility in Adelanto, CA
1995: Acquired Pioneer Metals and opened new manufacturing facility in Lewisport, KY
2001: Opened new manufacturing facility in Merkel, TX
2003: Opened new manufacturing facility in Mauston, WI
2006: Opened new manufacturing facility in Ashburn, GA
2007: Ian McElroy becomes president
2009: Acquired assets of Components Plus, Inc. and opened new manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, TX
2011: Acquired Met-Tile
2012: Acquired Architectural Building Components in Houston, TX
2012: Announced a joint venture with Green Span Profiles to manufacture Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)
2015: Opened new manufacturing facility in Houston, TX
2018: Opened new manufacturing facility in Diamond, MO

Today, McElroy Metal operates 13 manufacturing facilities and 23 Service Centers across the USA.

Standing Seam Systems
  • Instaloc
  • Maxima
  • Medallion-Lok
  • Meridian
  • Mirage/Mirage II
  • 138T & 238T Standing Seam System
  • MasterLok-90 / MasterLok-FS
  • Medallion I / Medallion II