5 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Roofer In San Antonio

1. Are All Roofing Companies Made The Same?

All companies stem from the owners values and ethics. When interviewing potential roofing contractors in San Antonio, make sure to take a second look at their online presence. Reading customer reviews on the BBB, Social Media and Google, one can learn a lot. See if the company is active on social media and posts videos and pictures of their work on a weekly basis.

2. Is the Roofing Company a Preferred Contractor With a Manufacture?

Having a roofing company that is a preferred contractor with a roofing manufacture shows that the company is serious about the work they do and takes servicing customers seriously. By being a preferred contractor, the customer can rest assure that the roofing company is staying up to date with manufacture recommended installation practices.

3. Does My Roofing Contractor Carry Roofing General Liability Insurance?

There is a difference between General Liability Insurances. Any roofing company can carry any type of insurance. A roofer can carry handy man, dry-wall, or remodeling insurance, but not be covered for roofing… Roofing insurance is one of the most expense types out there. If an accident were to happen on the job site and the company or person is not covered for roofing services, the homeowner might have to file a claim on their homeowners policy to cover any additional damages IF the contractor up and leaves you hanging. Make sure the contractor has General Liability (GL) Insurance with roofing coverage.

4. Why Is Pulling a Permit important?

While not all roofing contractor pull permits, its important to pull a permit because it shows that your roofing contractor is serious about the job, is a professional company, it holds the contractor accountable and is easily found if they up and leave.

To obtain a permit, the city of San Antonio has requirements to be met first. If you’re a company doing business, you need a business license. To obtain a license, one needs to pass an SAPD background check, FBI background check, and have General Liability insurance. This is in place to protect the residence of the city.

5. Is My Roofing Contractor Local in my area?

Last but not least, make sure your contractor is local to the San Antonio area. With storms coming and going, our area here in San Antonio has attracted many roofing companies, blow-joes-in a truck, unethical people and fly-by night contractors. Do research till you’re blue in the face and make the right decision when hiring a local San Antonio roofing contractor.

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