Roque “Rock” Ortiz

San Antonio Roofer - Roque
Roque “Rock” Ortiz – Roofing Specialist / Owner 

Rock” Roque Ortiz, is the proud owner at Rox Roofing & Exteriors. He’s been in construction since 2009. Working for other contractors for many years, in 2015 he decided to go off on his own. Rox Roofing was born.

In the beginning, he did everything from picking up material, making repairs, installing roofs, dealing with insurance and collecting. Today, his duties & roles vary from day to day, but in a nutshell, he wears all the hats and assist the team.You can catch him making educational videos on Facebook and Youtube.

Born in California, living in Park City, Utah for a decade and now, he calls San Antonio home. Lives here with his family and enjoys being active when he makes time…. Camping, hiking and biking with his hardtail mountain bike is what he enjoys the most.

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