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San Antonio roofing repair from Hurricane Harvey

As Texans rebuild and pick up the pieces that Hurricane Harvey left behind there is much work to do. Making sure your home is safe is definitely a priority, but as you clean up all the flood damage,debris and electrical issues dont forget about your roof. San Antonio Roofing pros say this is usually the last thing that gets fixed. We think this should be the first thing you get fixed. You dont want to replace your flooring and electrical and have a damaged roof ruin all that hard work. Of Course, that may be easier said than done if you have been displaced for many days due to this historic storm.

The important thing is that you have it on your list. Due to the strong winds and rain thathurricaneHarvey brought, most homes have some sort of roof damage. We encourage all homeowners to schedule a roof inspection asap.

Posted by: ROX Roofing
September 27, 2017
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