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How Do I Know When To Replace My Skylight?

Knowing when to replace your skylight is super important. In this quick video, Ill go over how to tell if you need to replace your skylight.

Most skylights are made from an acrylic and poly-carbonate materials. These type of skylights are usually not warranted by the manufacture for leaks, cracks or hail strikes and usually 99% of the time not warranted by the roofing contractor installer.

If you inspect the skylight dome and you see what I call "spider cracks", this would be a good tell sign that you may need a new skylight replacement. Catching this sooner than later would save thousands in interiors drywall, paint, and carpet or worst, personal belong damages.

Get your skylights inspected by a professional, dont wait for the leaks to come.

In many cases, you can get away with replacing just the lens or the dome. We recommend replacing it with a products that carries a hail strike warranty and a leak warranty by the manufacture. If installed properly, this should last you decades. Hope you learned something today.

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Posted by: ROX Roofing
December 9, 2018
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