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Living in Texas we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. One moment it will be sunny and the next moment hail storms. This can be a nightmare for you home. If you own your home, you know the lengths you had to go to get it and you want to make sure its as safe as possible. Most homeowners concentrate the obvious things like electric, plumbing, painting etc, but all always overlook the most part which is your roof. Those who may need a Bexar County roofing in the future should be proactive with getting their roof inspected yearly.

What you should know about your roof...

You already know roofs come in all shapes and sizes, but what people don't tell you is that they don't last forever. With normal wear and tear without major storms, you will only get about 20 years out of a roof. By no means does this mean you don't have to do anything until year 20. Since your roof is the first line a defense you have to make it's holding up to expectation from time to time. You can think about it like your car. You cant drive 100,000 miles and never get an oil change, brakes or tires changed. People often think since there is no visible hole in the roof or no water on the ceilings their roof is doing its job. If you have a newer or recently replaced roof, this could be the case. For most homeowners, this is not true. Wind and hail are some of the top causes for a compromise or unsafe roof.

How do I know if I have hail damage...

The best way would be to get a roofing inspection. Hail damage is tricky and to the untrained eye, you could overlook it as it sometimes doesn't present immediately, but shows over time resulting in premature aging of your shingles. If you are comfortable with ladders and heights you can look got damage as indentations and/or fractures on the shingles surface. Hailstones vary in size, shape, and hardness and can create a random pattern of dents or depressions. If this is not evident, look for indentations on metal flashings, siding, chimney caps, or even skylight flashings. After some time, clusters of granules may come off (at the point of impact) in a random pattern and expose the asphalt. Remember, the longer you let a damaged roof remain damaged, it can cause greater expenses in the long run. A damaged roof can leak and damage the interior of a home. If you are unsure if your roof is damaged by hail, it is best to call a trustworthy, local roofing contractor that has a reputable history

Dealing with your roof is definitely stressful when you are factoring in safety and the cost of repair. A word of advice is to do your homework when hiring a roofing contractor. They are not all the same. We've seen a lot of companies who will not honor their warranty on labor. Those are the same ones with a lot of negative reviews as well. If you are looking for a reputable Texas roofing company with an A+ rating from BBB look no further than Rox All Pro Service.

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